My Resume
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PhD, Capella University, General Psychology, 2016

Master of Science Degree, Clinical Counseling,
Bellevue University, 2011

Bachelor of Science Degree, Psychology, Kearney State College, 1986


National Certified Counselor - NCC
Independent Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed in Nebraska - LIMHP
Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed in Nebraska - LMHP
Professional Counselor, Licensed in Nebraska - LPC

Life and Work Experience:

I have spent my entire professional career working in Human Services.

I "fell" into the Developmental Disabilities field.  As an undergraduate in an "animal behavior" lab class we had to teach a rat to press on a rat bit me, through the glove, and drew blood! UGH! I knew I wanted no more part of that kind of work, so I found a practicum experience (that would count as my second lab course) at Citizen Advocacy in Grand Island.  As a part of that practicum I toured the DD service providers and was eventually hired, two days after I graduated college. 

Whenever I teach people how to work with others I explain that no matter who we are working with, what issues they face, the truth is always "there but for the grace of God, go I."  We are all much more alike than we are different and everyone is just doing the best that they can with the cards they are dealt. 

I once watched a baby boy come into the world...and then opened a gift from my Mother.  It was a plaque that said "A Baby Was Born and The Angels Sang."  I believe the angels sing for every one of us and no matter how tough things get, together, we can build on our strengths, learn new skills and grow toward a better life experience. 

Supporting people to experience a better quality of life felt like something I was born to do...and I have been working at that in one capacity or another ever since!